The poor feel could regale be down to the niñas chicken brake levers on urban novio the tops; all the extra routing often creates novio bagginess.
How would you describe the steering?Rate the drivetrain for durability: 8/10 Rate navidad the drivetrain for weight: 5/10 regalos Rate the drivetrain for value: 9/10 105 and FSA chainset on regalos a 999 bike.Frame and fork, overall rating for frame and fork 6/10.Which components had para the most effect (good or regalos bad) on the bike's comfort?The brakes didn't impress me para and need some tuning or perhaps replacing.It's a tight, racy geometry with a short wheelbase and steep head tube.Did they madre work well in the conditions you encountered?Which components had the most effect (good or bad) on the bike's stiffness?Did it do particular things well or badly?For just shy of 1000, you're getting hombres a lot of bike: mano Shimano 105, FSA chainset, navidad carbon fork and disc brakes with cartridge bearing para wheels.Rate the bike regalos for efficiency of power transfer: 7/10 Rate the bike for acceleration: 5/10 Average really but I originales wasn't expecting the rigidity of a carbon race frame.Doing a little loop in Bristol, I took the bike on the man-made mountain bike trails.It is in fact their only 'cross bike that is being brought to the UK and actually bottom rung of their 'cross ladder - the full Merida range is disc-equipped.They were solid and did regalos the job well considering the 999 price point.I found there was, yes, due to the short wheelbase and steep head angle. Regardless of the brakes, riding the bike on and off-road was lots of fun.
Color white/black(red shifters regalos Shimano 105, brakes Hayes CX5 160 / 140.

Hubs Road Disc Bearing, rIMS Merida XCD Lite, freewheel Shimano.
It also makes for a great winter steed or commuter, thanks to eyelets for mudguards.
Yes, everything felt canvas good.